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As reported recently in The Union Leader, a land owner in northern New Hampshire recently contracted for a property appraisal, with an eye on what change might result if The Northern Pass project were completed in the vicinity.

A copy of the appraisal report is available here.

To reiterate our initial reaction to this appraisal – we have significant concerns regarding its analysis and its credibility. To suggest, as it does, a reduction in property value of 63 – 92 percent seems to fly in the face of  previously published studies and reports related to power lines and property values. (One example is here.) Curiously, the conclusion also seems at odds with the results of the appraisal’s primary and secondary research (See pages 44 – 47 of the appraisal).

The project team is currently working on the development of valuation material, which will be shared publicly when completed.

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