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Includes an improved route with additional underground line and more benefits for New Hampshire.

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Today we announced significant changes to the Northern Pass project as part of a newly unveiled Forward New Hampshire Plan. This major development eliminates potential view impacts in around the White Mountain National Forest, the Appalachian Trail, and Franconia Notch area by burying an additional 52 miles of line – for a total of 60 miles of underground line – and eliminating more than 400 structures in this region.

These route changes and the entire Forward NH Plan are the results of conversations we’ve had with people across New Hampshire. They are part of a balanced solution that provides clean, affordable energy our region needs and unique benefits to New Hampshire while also addressing the concerns about potential view impacts.

Beyond additional burial, the Forward NH Plan will deliver more than $3 billion in direct economic benefit to New Hampshire, including 2,400 jobs during construction, $80 million annually in lower energy costs for New Hampshire – as well as additional energy costs savings from a Power Purchase Agreement for Eversource NH customers – $30 million in annual tax benefits and a more than $2 billion increase in the state’s economic activity. The project will also create a $200 million “Forward NH Fund” dedicated to supporting initiatives in tourism, economic development, community investment, and clean energy innovations, with an emphasis on North Country opportunities.

You can read more about the Forward NH Plan elsewhere on our website, and hear more about the plan and its benefits from Eversource President and CEO Bill Quinlan in this video:


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$7.5 million fund created by Northern Pass will directly support job creation in Coös County

Manchester, N.H., January 29, 2014 – The Northern Pass project, a proposed transmission line carrying low-cost renewable hydroelectric power to New Hampshire and New England, announces the formation of the Coös County Jobs Creation Association. The Association held its first official meeting today at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield.

The $7.5 million Jobs Creation fund, announced last August, is aimed specifically at creating jobs in the state’s North Country. The Association is made up of Coös County business and economic development leaders who will ultimately decide how best to invest these funds for maximum job creation.

Coös County Jobs Creation Association

Members of the Coös County Jobs Creation Association include (l to r): Ted Burns of Stratford, David Atkinson of Lancaster, former State Senator John Gallus of Berlin, and Chris Diego of Whitefield. (courtesy photo)

Former State Senator John Gallus of Gallus & Green Real Estate in Berlin will chair the Association. Joining him are Allen Bouthillier, owner of AB Logging in Lancaster; David Atkinson, also of AB Logging in Lancaster and former manager of the Wausau Paper Mill in Groveton; Chris Diego, managing director of the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield; and Ted Burns, co-owner of the Grand Ole Lodge in North Stratford.

“The Coös Jobs Creation Association is one more tool in our economic development tool box to build new and sustainable jobs,” said Gallus. “We owe it to our children to create a secure local future for them here in Coös County. Our young workers have had to leave home for far too long to support their families.”

The fund emphasizes job creation in the County, with a focus on supporting existing local businesses that are expanding or renovating, or helping to attract new businesses to the area. It was created after months of discussions between Northern Pass and local leaders and business people about economic development in Coös County.

“The Coös County Jobs Creation Association, with this leadership, will go a long way in helping North Country residents build a stronger economy,” said Gary Long, President – New Hampshire Renewable Energy Policy Development at Northeast Utilities. “Local control of the Association assures the funding will be used in ways that best support North Country growth by investing in initiatives that make sense for the region.”

Northern Pass is providing the Association with $200,000 in seed money to begin its work. The fund will receive $1 million at the time Northern Pass receives acceptable federal and state permits and actual construction commences, and $500,000 each year thereafter, until it has received $7.5 million total.

The Northern Pass project announced a new proposed route in the North Country last year and is in the midst of the U.S. Department of Energy’s permitting process. ISO-NE, the regional grid operator, granted the project a key approval in December 2013 and the DOE is expected to issue its draft Environmental Impact Statement later this year. A permit application will also be filed with the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to initiate the separate, state-level permitting process. Details on the project can be found at


Media Contacts:

Lauren Collins, 603-634-2418,
Mike Skelton, 603-634-3270,

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The project recently announced a $7.5 million jobs creation fund aimed specifically at increasing employment in the North Country. The announcement of the fund follows months of discussions with local leaders and business people about the economic challenges in Coös County, and how the project can bring additional value to the area that is above and beyond the construction jobs and tax benefits associated with the project.

The fund will be managed by an advisory group made up of Coös County business and economic development leaders and elected officials and will ultimately decide what jobs creation efforts will be funded, and at what amounts.

Gary Long, President of Renewable Energy Development for New Hampshire, along with Former State Senator John Gallus and Allen Bouthillier of A.B. Logging announced the creation of the fund at an event in Lancaster at A.B. Logging on August 19th.

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In last week’s Colebrook Chronicle, Coos County Treasurer Fred King detailed his thoughts on the Northern Pass project, our revised route in the North Country, and the recently announced Jobs Creation fund.

From Mr. King’s letter…

“…a positive reaction from the utility has been the proposal to provide a substantial contribution to communities in Coos County impacted by the new transmission line by offering to fund economic development with millions of their dollars. Some call this a bribe. I prefer to think that PSNH, as they looked at the economy in Coos County, at last recognized that there was a need for assistance for our communities in order to restore our job base.”

Mr. King also discussed his thoughts on hydropower as part of our future energy portfolio…

“…if there were no hydro generation on the Connecticut River there would not have been a need for a First Connecticut Lake or Lake Francis in Pittsburg or a Lake Umbagog in Errol to store water until it is needed by downstream power producers. In this case it is Canadians who have developed a huge, well-planned facility that has expansion capability. So what should we do as we consider this proposal to bring hydro power from Canada to southern New England through or North Country?

We must first remember that our Seabrook nuclear plant, like the one in Vermont, has a limited life expectancy, coal as a fuel is very unpopular and the natural gas supply is limited. However, water will run downhill forever.”

The full letter can be viewed on page 23 of the most recent issue of the Colebrook Chronicle.

Mr. King’s letter follows a recent post detailing several other positive letters to the editor we’ve been seeing in newspapers around the state.

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The Northeastern Apprenticeship and Training (NEAT) Program is seeking applicants for an apprenticeship program that trains individuals for a career in the industry that builds and maintains power line systems, like the proposed Northern Pass project

The news was reported this week by Fosters Daily Democrat and by the Union Leader.

The IBEW electrical workers’ union has additional information here on the NEAT program.

The Northern Pass project is expected to generate more than 1,000 jobs during its three year construction period. Here is a listing of the expected job opportunities; and, fill out this form to be updated on job opportunities.

An ongoing project in the State of Maine provides an example of the impact a transmission project can have on employment. This April news article reported that more than 2,500 people work on the project on a daily basis.  Additional information about that project’s economic impact is posted here.


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A significant transmission system upgrade project in the State of Maine is steadily moving forward. A recent news article in the Bangor Daily News cited a Central Maine Power (CMP) official as reporting that the $1.4 billion project is on schedule and budget.

The article includes a mention of the jobs associated with the project. CMP reports that between 2,500 – 2,700 people are working on the project on a daily basis.

The Northern Pass project also anticipates job creation. Our economic study released one year ago estimates a peak in the range of 1,330 – 1,680 jobs during the first two years of the three year construction period.

A listing of potential job opportunities is posted here. You can sign up here to be notified in the future about project job fairs.



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The New England Power Generator’s Association today claimed that Northern Pass has overestimated the number of jobs that will be created as part of the project.

It is not surprising that the NEPGA opposes Northern Pass, since the cleaner and more economic energy it provides into the regional power pool may displace some of their own.

This is the same group of multinational corporations that last spring tried to argue that the savings Northern Pass will deliver isn’t enough.

To argue the project on the basis of jobs is surprising, though.

Just look no further than the neighboring state of Maine.

An ongoing transmission project there is employing more than 2,000 people on construction. Reports indicate that 268 companies from Maine have been hired, representing almost every county in Maine.

That’s a real life example of the positive impact Northern Pass will have here … and yet the power generators study did not even take a look at that project.

Here in New Hampshire, we’ve already heard from more than 550 individuals, who are seeking information about Northern Pass job opportunities. Their experience includes heavy equipment operation; general construction; welding; real estate; trucking; fiber optic splicing; concrete; and, administration.

We expect to be working with project partners here in New Hampshire on a future job fair.

A similar event was held in Maine and was very successful in attracting local workers who are now participating in the project.

Here’s a list of the job opportunities we anticipate being available when the Northern Pass construction project begins.


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The Northern Pass project will have a significant and positive impact on New Hampshire’s economy; most notably in the job market.

We’ve posted a video featuring Joe Casey, Business Manager of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local No. 490 (Concord, NH), who describes the effects of the three year construction phase on the local workers that he partners with every day.

An updated economic study, in April, 2011, reported:

“…The … economic analysis estimates total job creation from the three-year construction project to peak at 1,330 to 1,680 local jobs in 2013 and 2014; with 900 to 1,135 local jobs being created or supported in 2015…”

The project is committed to hiring local labor first. More information on project jobs, and a means to add your name to a jobs mailing list, is available here.

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Today’s news about the opening of a new call center in Jeffersonville, Indiana included this from FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski:

“Bringing broadband to your town and home in the 21st century is like bringing in electricity in the 20th – connecting you and your community to the larger economy and opening up new worlds of commerce and opportunity… ” (Aug. 4, 2011)

Can The Northern Pass provide the “backbone” fiber infrastructure necessary to enhance broadband in northern New Hampshire.  Perhaps. Read what we said about this in our April press release.

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A significant number of new jobs will be created as a result of The Northern Pass construction. Our updated economic study breaks down the jobs by region, within New Hampshire.

The study was released today by economist Lisa Shapiro. “Our economic modeling demonstrates that this project would have deep and widespread economic benefits for the entire state,” said Shapiro.

The study shows that job opportunities will include typical construction industry work, as well as forestry and logging, professional/technical, and supply and service industry jobs.

Read the study – and the press release.

Get on the mailing list to receive notifications of upcoming job fairs.


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