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NH Business focuses on The Northern Pass

WMUR TV9 aired interviews regarding the project on May 15, 2011

WMUR TV9’s “New Hampshire Business” this past weekend included two interviews regarding the project aimed at bringing 1,200 megawatts of hydroelectric energy from Canada into New England.

Host Fred Kocher interviewed Gary Long, PSNH president and COO, who explained the benefits of the project. A separate interview was conducted with Jack Savage, of the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, which is opposed to the project as proposed.



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This is the first in a series of posts that will introduce some of the people who are working on The Northern Pass transmission project.

Jim Wagner

Community Relations Specialist

What is your role in The Northern Pass project?
I am the Community Relations Specialist focusing on the North Country. In the near term I will be teaming up with our real estate agents and working with the landowners impacted by the proposed transmission line in the North Country. In the long term, I expect to cultivate and maintain relationships in the North Country to provide information about the project, address community issues, and answer questions.

How is this project different than others you’ve worked on?
My background is in the management of pulp and paper mills and economic development. I’ve also worked on the full design and permitting for a pellet manufacturing facility. I have worked very closely with communities and State officials on many projects. Being a Community Relations Specialist allows me to draw from my experience over the last 35 years, especially the 20 years I’ve lived and worked in Northern New Hampshire.

Why do you support this project?
As our economy continues to struggle, this project provides an immediate boost for jobs over three years. Being a major part of the pulp and paper mills in Northern New Hampshire has given me a strong appreciation for what the North Country has gone through. This project is also a major step to contribute to addressing global warming.

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The Concord Monitor published an interview with PSNH President Gary Long in today’s paper. The questions cover everything from the price of renewable energy to the siting of the proposed transmission line.

You’re doing this at a time when demand is falling rather than rising. Is that unusual? We take the idea of trying to reduce carbon very seriously. The state has a goal of trying to reduce carbon from all sources by 80 percent by 2050. If there wasn’t a business opportunity, this wouldn’t be happening, but if there wasn’t policy that requires a greener, cleaner energy future, we wouldn’t be doing this. . . . We’re not looking for major new sources to meet the power needs; we’re looking for major new sources to meet the “green power” needs.

Two corrections to consider while reading the article: the tax base increase in the City of Franklin is $250 million, not $5 million; also, late in the article it refers to a $250 billion project – it should read “million” not billion.

PSNH president looks to future flow of power

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