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Today’s news about the opening of a new call center in Jeffersonville, Indiana included this from FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski:

“Bringing broadband to your town and home in the 21st century is like bringing in electricity in the 20th – connecting you and your community to the larger economy and opening up new worlds of commerce and opportunity… ” (Aug. 4, 2011)

Can The Northern Pass provide the “backbone” fiber infrastructure necessary to enhance broadband in northern New Hampshire.  Perhaps. Read what we said about this in our April press release.

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Landowner Susan Schibanoff recently sent a letter to PSNH President Gary Long questioning our recent announcement on how The Northern Pass might assist in the effort to bring broadband technology to areas of the state that are currently without it.

Here’s Gary’s response:

Dear Susan,

Thank you for your e-mail concerning the enhancement of broadband services in northern New Hampshire.  The quote you cited from the press reports is accurate and is a good summary of PSNH’s view on the matter.  For some time now the State of New Hampshire and the communities in northern New Hampshire have had a strong interest in bringing broadband services to that area of the state.  PSNH has engaged experts to look into the potential to fulfill this need and what role, if any, PSNH could play.  We will await the results of this research from these experts before coming to any conclusions or proposals.

I was interested in your own comment;  “As landowners and residents in a town with no broadband or cable, we know first-hand the importance of affordable access for all in both central and northern New Hampshire. We understand that solutions that do not violate private property rights are close to completion for northern New Hampshire.”  It would be very helpful to us if you could provide additional comments to expand on your thinking here.  It seems to me that you are interested in receiving broadband service and that you do not currently have such services.  Perhaps we have the same goal in mind. Also, if there is already a confirmed project to bring to you broadband services then there may be no need for assistance from PSNH.  It would be helpful if you could describe further those solutions which “are close to completion for northern New Hampshire,” as that information could be included in the research that our consultants are performing.

We do understand that there are many questions regarding how The Northern Pass could help solve the challenge of providing New Hampshire with additional broadband services. We look forward to the continuing conversation that will allow your question regarding easements, and others, to be addressed.

Thank you in advance for any additional information you can provide, and for your continued interest.


Gary Long


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The possibility of installing broadband technology in northern New Hampshire as part of The Northern Pass project is being explored.

It’s an intriguing possibility, and one we are actively investigating.

We heard at the recent public meetings that some business creation opportunities have been lost, in part due to concerns about reliable communications.

The idea, then, is to utilize The Northern Pass to provide a strong and secure fiber infrastructure that business and industry can rely on.

Read the press release to learn more!

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