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MANCHESTER, N.H. (February 16, 2018) – We sincerely appreciate the challenge that Massachusetts officials and their electric distribution companies (EDCs) are facing as they strive to meet an aggressive goal of obtaining a new and significant source of clean energy within just a few short years. The selection of Northern Pass to deliver that energy was based in part because we can be in-service far ahead of any other project.

The February 1st decision by our state permitting authority to abruptly halt its deliberations and deny our application was a shock to everyone. Today’s decision by the Massachusetts DOER, its Independent Evaluator and the EDCs strikes a sensible balance by allowing negotiations with Northern Pass to continue, while establishing a backup protocol that can be initiated if necessary.

From our perspective, the decision provides Northern Pass with the opportunity to make our case for a rehearing by our N.H. Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) and a resumption of its deliberations.

We have a strong legal argument for a reconsideration by the SEC. There is a path forward. While our negotiations with the EDCs continue, we will also focus on earning reconsideration by the SEC and the necessary permit to begin construction in order to deliver to Massachusetts and the entire New England region the many benefits that Northern Pass will provide.

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