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Northern Pass proponents recently voiced their support for the project during two public comment sessions in Concord, hosted by the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC). The next public comment session held by the SEC will be on Wednesday, Aug. 30 from 5-8 p.m.  Your voice matters in this process and we appreciate all who have spoken publicly or have sent a written comment.  If you would like to submit a written comment to the SEC, send it to:

New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee

Pamela G. Monroe, Administrator

21 South Fruit Street, Suite 10

Concord, NH 03301

Phone: 603-271-2435 Fax: 603-271-3878


Here are some examples of statements the SEC heard during the recent public comment sessions:

Steven Binette, owner of Ray’s Electric and GC, Inc. of Berlin, NH:

“Over the last decade, we’ve seen a large decline in commercial and industrial electrical projects and we’ve had to expand into general contracting and excavation. Northern Pass and the Eversource president have reached out to local contractors to keep us updated on this project so we can work on a project this area so desperately needs.”

Meredith Briggs, Deerfield resident:

“I am confident Deerfield will benefit from this project. I believe it will create jobs. I do believe it will create tax revenue. If we work together, we can arrive at a solution we can all live with.

John Dumais, president and CEO of the New Hampshire Grocers Association:

“Our position has always been to encourage any responsible means to lower electricity costs. The only plausible relief in the near future is Northern Pass.” 

Tracy Hatch, Nashua Chamber of Commerce:

“On behalf of 600 plus members of the Chamber, I am here to express strong support for the Northern Pass project.  The Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce is made up of large and small businesses…Despite all the surface differences, they all have one common concern: the cost and stable supply of energy…Our economy and our businesses need reliable stable energy.”

Mike Skelton, President of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce:

“Our support is rooted in the belief of the need to lower the cost of energy in New England and the impact it has on the economy. There is no perfect source of energy. Whether it’s a power plant and transmission line or a solar installation – they all have benefits and they all include potential impacts. The key question is do the benefits ultimately outweigh the potential impacts? Our view after many years is that Northern Pass, the way it has evolved, the answer is yes.”

Anastasia Park, Lee, NH:

I am an iron worker by trade and I am a journeyman and what I am very tired of doing is traveling to Massachusetts for work. In the four years I’ve been working as an iron worker, I’ve had two jobs in this beautiful state. It kills me. We are losing business to the high cost of electricity in this state. People don’t want to build here because they can’t afford to stay here.  The construction jobs are the backbone of the economy. When we build (Northern Pass) here we can spend our money back here.”

Mark Bailey, Director of Facilities for BAE Systems:

“BAE Systems, and all of New Hampshire businesses, need low-cost, reliable energy in the state to remain competitive in a global marketplace. The Northern Pass Project provides clean, renewable hydroelectric power needed to improve our region’s energy deficit, and it does so while addressing environmental impact concerns. This is why BAE Systems stands with a group of roughly 50 New Hampshire businesses in support of the New Hampshire — the Northern Pass.”

Tad Dziemian, Owner of Neighborhood Energy of New England

“I am here today to fully, without any question, and convicted with passion, that I support the Northern Pass, because I get firsthand feedback, primarily of complaints from my clients, regarding the high cost of electricity. Shamefully, our region holds the dubious distinction of having each state in the top ten of our wonderful nation in terms of having the highest cost of energy.”


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