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Northern Pass Receives Key Approval from NHDOT

Northern Pass reached another significant milestone in April when the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NH DOT) issued its final report to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (NH SEC) recommending approval of the project. The final report comes after months of review of the application Northern Pass submitted to the state in October 2016.

The NH DOT decision follows the March 1 announcement that the NH Department of Environmental Services also recommends approval of the project following its review of environmental data and studies from along the project route. Both are essential components of the state siting process being conducted by the NH SEC, which is scheduled to render a final decision on the Northern Pass application later this year.

Final Hearings on Northern Pass Underway

Final hearings on the Northern Pass project began on April 13, launching the last phase of the state permitting process before the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) returns its decision on the project.

The final hearings began with testimony from Bill Quinlan, Eversource President of NH Operations, who discussed the benefits Northern Pass will bring to New Hampshire, the Massachusetts Clean Energy request for proposals (RFP), and the transmission service agreement between Northern Pass Transmission LLC and Hydro Renewable Energy Inc., a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec.

Hearings have been scheduled through the first week of August, and will continue in May covering topics such as construction, and how the project relates to historical, archeological, and environmental resources.


In April, the hearings covered the following topics:

  • A Project Overview, including discussion of the Forward NH Fund, Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP, and benefits for New Hampshire
  • The Technical, Financial and Managerial Capability of the project
  • How the construction and operation of Northern Pass relates to Public Health & Safety
  • System Reliability and how the hydropower delivered by Northern Pass will contribute to the regional electric grid


Northern Pass and The Balsams Team Up to Bring Jobs, Tourism to the North Country

The Forward NH Plan, established by Northern Pass, recently committed a $3 million loan to assist The Balsams Resort through its final phases of design, permitting and financing. The funding is in addition to $2 million previously provided by the Forward NH Plan and helped The Balsams Resort complete a Work Force Study and advance its application with the NH Business Finance Administration, bringing this important project a step closer to breaking ground.

The Work Force Study showed that redevelopment of The Balsams will generate 600 construction jobs and at least 400 jobs when Phase 1 of the facility opens. Once the build-out of the entire project is complete, The Balsams could employ up to 1,500 people, in addition to the jobs created indirectly through the investment in the greater community.

“The interesting thing here is the future is so bright,” said Bill Quinlan, Eversource President of NH Operations, in a recent video about the partnership. “If you think about building on that history and what this actually might look like 10 years from now, it’s really exciting. We purposefully picked The Balsams because we think it’s such a transformational project for the North Country.”

In recent years, the North Country has seen economic setbacks with businesses closing and people leaving the area, said Les Otten, developer of The Balsams Resort project. The joint effort of redeveloping The Balsams and building clean energy infrastructure nearby could have a significant positive impact on the economy, he said.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity because now we’re going to get to use renewables and its actually going to reduce our power costs,” said Otten. “In addition to that, it creates the opportunity to increase reliability, other businesses to locate near us, potentially an increase in manufacturing again in the North Country with the overall upgrade of lines, and having power being a little less expensive in New Hampshire is a big deal.”

You can watch the video on The Balsams Resort redevelopment and the partnership with the Forward NH Plan at

Regulators Issue Favorable Order on Northern Pass Use of Existing Rights-Of-Way

New Hampshire regulators issued an order earlier this month that found Eversource has made a reasonable showing that it has the right to lease the use of its existing rights-of-way to Northern Pass. The ruling clears the way for the N.H. Public Utilities Commission to now consider the benefits of the proposed lease agreement between Eversource and Northern Pass.

More than 80 percent of the proposed Northern Pass route is within existing Eversource rights-of-way or buried under public roads. Under the proposed lease agreement, more than 98 percent of the lease revenue received by Eversource will be credited to customers. The NHPUC will now begin to consider the value of the lease and determine whether it is “for the public good.”

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