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The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) will hear today about the impact Northern Pass will have on system stability and reliability, as well as the ISO New England I.3.9 process as part of its ongoing review of the project.

The final hearing today will include Robert Andrew, Director of System Solutions for Eversource. Andrew has more than 35 years of experience in the electrical generation and distribution industry and is responsible for ensuring the optimal performance of Eversource’s electric transmission and distribution system. This includes developing and executing system improvements, collaborating on project designs, and participating in the ISO New England Planning Process.

In July 2016, ISO New England approved the project’s I.3.9 application, determining that the current Northern Pass proposal to deliver 1,090 megawatts of electricity can reliably interconnect with the regional electric grid and will not have a significant, adverse effect on the reliability or operating characteristics of the regional grid and its participants. All energy projects must secure this approval to be connected to the New England grid. In 2014, ISO New England approved the I.3.9 application for the project’s original 1,200 megawatt proposal.

Key points that will likely be discussed include:

  • Northern Pass will not adversely impact system stability or reliability and, in fact, will provide important system benefits to the transmission system
  • The DC link will provide power system support
  • Northern Pass may be able to limit the effects of a cascading blackout and provide emergency support after outages
  • The project has the capability of helping New England meet its reserve requirements
  • This new regional interconnection is highly dispatchable and will allow for use by others when Hydro-Québec has not scheduled power deliveries
  • Adding another source of hydropower diversifies New England’s generation supply

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