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Final hearings on the Northern Pass begin tomorrow, launching the last phase of the state permitting process before the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) returns its decision on the project.

The final hearings will begin with testimony from Bill Quinlan, the Eversource President of NH Operations, who will discuss the considerable benefits Northern Pass will bring to New Hampshire, including economic development and jobs programs, energy savings, tax revenue, an increase in New Hampshire’s GDP, as well as significant environmental benefits.

Other project details that will be discussed include:

  • Northern Pass is designed to bring a reliable source of competitively priced, clean, renewable hydropower into the region, thereby delivering energy savings as well as environmental and economic benefits to New Hampshire and the New England region
  • Northern Pass is committed to a “New Hampshire First” approach, which will ensure that new jobs created by the project are made available to New Hampshire workers first
  • The project will improve the Coös Transmission Loop, which will enhance the electric system in the North Country and unlock up to 100 MWs of existing and future sources of renewable energy for the state and region
  • As part of the Forward New Hampshire Plan, Northern Pass has made a commitment to provide $200 million in funding over the first 20 years of operation to the Forward NH Fund in support of economic development, community betterment, tourism, and clean energy innovation, with particular emphasis on host communities and the North Country. Northern Pass has made a few advance funding commitments to time-sensitive projects that are aligned with the purposes of the Forward NH Fund
  • The Forward NH Fund Board of Directors and Advisory Boards will include municipal, community and business leaders, representatives of clean energy and environmental organizations, and North Country leaders.
  • NPT has conducted extensive outreach to communities, landowners and businesses along the route, and will continue this outreach throughout the construction process.
  • Northern Pass and Hydro-Québec anticipate submitting a proposal to the Massachusetts Clean Energy RFP. Regardless of the outcome of the solicitation, New Hampshire customers will not bear any of the expenses but will still experience substantial benefits from the project
  • The project, as proposed, provides the appropriate balance among several important considerations, including project costs, public concerns over iconic view sheds, environmental and economic impacts, as well as technical feasibility and the availability of land rights necessary to support the project

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