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A recent op-ed in the New Hampshire Union Leader challenges the idea that the state doesn’t need to improve on its energy infrastructure. As the regional grid operator, IOS New England has repeatedly said, “Unless and until there is new infrastructure in the region, we will face continuing threats to our electric grid.

March’s stormy weather was no match for the first off-shore wind farm in the U.S. Deepwater Wind, off the coast of Rhode Island, got through the storm without any problems while capturing the maximum amount of energy it could- 30 megawatts.

Energy officials from around the region gathered recently to discuss the future of renewable energy in the region. Cooperation is key, they agreed, but keeping an eye on costs is as well.

Maine legislators approved a $13 million bailout of the biomass industry last year with the hope of keeping plants open and keeping loggers working, but there are some questions now as to whether the move worked.



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