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We hear again this week more concern from the business community about the high cost of electricity in New Hampshire. This story, focused on Seacoast-area manufacturers, highlights the feeling among business leaders that higher prices are “the cost of doing business” in the Granite State.

An affordable energy watch dog group is pointing to the recent decision by manufacturers to move out-of-state as a warning sign New Hampshire’s high energy costs are untenable. Industry is at the cutting edge of energy efficiency, but the group says a “balanced all-resource approach, which includes expansion of natural gas pipelines and electric transmission lines” is also needed to get costs under control.

An analysis of the changing New England energy landscape indicates wind, solar and imported hydropower will become increasingly important sources of generating electricity. Energy industry experts expect natural gas to remain a crucial resource for the foreseeable future, despite limitations on pipeline capacity, and it appears oil and coal are still on the decline.

The price spikes we’ve seen in New England’s wholesale energy market in recent winters have been blamed on a lack of natural gas pipeline capacity during winter months. These eight charts illustrate that the close ties in natural gas and electricity prices is not just a Northeastern phenomenon and should be considered in developing future energy policy.

Considering how closely natural gas and electricity prices are aligned, expectations that natural gas prices are going up is not good news for businesses – and homeowners – watching their bottom line.

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