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  • The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee has approved a nine-turbine wind project in the southwestern part of the state.   Antrim Wind was first proposed seven years ago, but was initially rejected in 2013 for being “unaesthetically pleasing.”  The wind turbines are to be located on land leased by the developer and expected to produce 28.8 megawatts of power.
  • Proposals to build clean energy projects could prove worthless without the transmission infrastructure needed to get the power to consumers.  “A region whose residents and businesses say they want clean, affordable power so far has found it too costly and too divisive to build the transmission lines needed to make it possible.”
  • The program that New England’s grid operator uses to ensure the lights stay on in the winter cost the region $38 million last year. A watchdog group concerned with energy prices says this is a costly short-term fix and that a long-term solution is needed.
  • Some New Hampshire manufacturers are being forced to expand in other states due in part to our state’s high energy costs. With several major power generators scheduled to shut down in 2019, the Executive Vice President of Whelen, a large manufacturing facility and employer in Charlestown, is concerned, “…up until now, there has been little or no interest in the problem in our state government.”

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