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A new emergency radio transmissions antenna in the North Country is enhancing public safety by providing service in areas that were previously dead-zones. The new equipment has made it possible for first responders to dispatch and receive critical information during an incident in areas where service was historically limited.

“We appreciate the enhanced radio service that is possible thanks to funding from Northern Pass,” said Gerry Marcou, Coös County Sherriff. “The new technology facilitates our deputies’ work to protect the citizens of Coos County, making our police force more efficient and our community safer.”

Before this new equipment was installed on Morse Mountain cell tower in Groveton, there were areas where first responders were unable to communicate with each other at all. The new technology has made it possible for first responders to use portable radios at the scene of an incident. The new radio system went live in September, providing greatly enhanced radio communications to Whitefield, Dalton, Jefferson, Lancaster, Northumberland, Stark, Stratford and Lunenburg, Vermont.

“If we are responding to an emergency inside a home and something changes drastically, we are able to immediately call for back-up,” said Steven Jones, Assistant Fire Chief of Lancaster. “With this system, we have seen a significant improvement in the efficiency of our communications.”

Additionally, the new equipment is making it easier for communities to call for and provide mutual aid during major emergency events.

“The majority of our firefighters are volunteers,” Jones said. “Prior to the installation of the radio equipment, if a volunteer firefighter lived in a dead zone, they wouldn’t get the call. Thanks to this emergency radio equipment, we are able to direct our personnel to an emergency more quickly and efficiently.”

The Northern Pass Transmission Project, as part of its Forward NH Plan, funded the installation of the public safety service antenna, and will continue to pay the associated annual rental expense. This new emergency radio equipment will build upon the success in filling gaps in the region’s broadband and cellular coverage achieved with the construction of the Morse Mountain cell tower, which was also funded in part by the Northern Pass project.

The emergency radio equipment is one of a number of commitments by Northern Pass as part of its Forward New Hampshire plan. The project also funded the recent installation of LED streetlights in Lancaster and an electric vehicle charging station at Roger’s Campground in Lancaster.

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