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Northern Pass has secured a key regulatory approval this week as ISO New England officially determined that the clean energy project can reliably interconnect with the regional electric grid.

By approving the project’s I.3.9 application*, ISO New England determined Northern Pass will not have a significant, adverse effect on the reliability or operating characteristics of the regional grid and its participants.  All energy projects must secure this approval in order to be connected to the New England grid.

Northern Pass is a proposed transmission line that will carry 1,090 megawatts of clean, reliable hydroelectric power to New Hampshire and New England.  The project is currently in the midst of state and federal permitting processes.


*In 2014, ISO New England approved the I.3.9 application for the project’s original 1,200 megawatt proposal.

ISO New England I.3.9 Approval 2016

ISO New England I.3.9 Approval 2014

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