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Business leaders from across the state have announced their support for Northern Pass. In a joint statement to the Site Evaluation Committee, the diverse group of New Hampshire businesses, including some of the state’s largest employers, urged elected officials to join them as they support the Forward NH Plan and the “$3.8 billion in direct economic and unparalleled environmental benefits it will provide to the people and businesses of New Hampshire.”

At a recent Public Hearing in Deerfield, Mark Bailey of BAE Systems spoke on behalf of the 50 business leaders from across the state, announcing their joint support for Northern Pass. Mr. Bailey applauded the project, saying it will “provide unmistakably clear benefits to New Hampshire by bringing low-cost electricity directly to the state’s residents and businesses, creating hundreds of jobs, and providing millions in tax revenue.”

Local businesses are growing more concerned about the high cost of doing business in New Hampshire and the economic disadvantages they are facing compared to other states.  The joint statement encourages the SEC to conduct a “thorough, timely, and fact-based review” of the project since New Hampshire citizens and businesses “cannot afford to wait any longer.”

If you, too, are interested in supporting the Northern Pass project sign-up here.

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