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Northern Pass is pleased that the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) unanimously decided today that the project’s application is complete and that the siting review process will continue to move forward. We appreciate the hard work that the SEC and other state agencies have put into reviewing the contents of this lengthy application, and we are eager to begin the next phase of the state permitting process.

For years, residential and business customers have been calling for relief from our region’s high energy costs. New Hampshire consumers want to know that the region’s energy supplies are stable and sufficient to meet their needs, and that we’re moving toward a cleaner energy future. We are confident that our SEC application will show that Northern Pass accomplishes these goals by lowering energy prices for NH consumers by $80 million a year, dramatically reducing carbon emissions by more than 3.3 million tons a year, and adding a diverse, reliable and clean energy source to the region.

The SEC’s thorough review process continues with a series of Public Information Sessions and other hearings early in the year that will allow people from across the state to comment and directly participate. We look forward to continuing our conversations with New Hampshire residents, and working together to secure our energy future.

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