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Northern Pass announced on Thursday it is part of a new effort that will bring more than $4.5 million in land conservation and restoration grants to New Hampshire. Called Partners for New Hampshire’s Fish and Wildlife, this program is aimed at restoring and sustaining healthy forests and rivers throughout the state.

From the beginning, Northern Pass has sought to form partnerships with local communities and organizations to support efforts that strengthen New Hampshire’s economy. We believe this new partnership represents a significant commitment to build NEcottontail1upon New Hampshire’s strengths as a place where wildlife can thrive.

Over the next two years, Partners for New Hampshire’s Fish and Wildlife will focus on supporting cost-effective, hands-on conservation projects around the state. Projects will be selected based on their ability to achieve long-term, measurable outcomes that meet the program’s goals. These goals include:

  • Strengthening the health of the forest system;
  • Sustaining working forests;
  • Improving the quality of streams;
  • Enhancing the biodiversity of New Hampshire’s fish and wildlife population.

Partners for New Hampshire’s Fish and Wildlife is the result of a partnership between the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and Northern Pass’ parent company, Eversource. Northern Pass has committed $3 million to the partnership. NFWF and its funding partners are committing an additional $1.5 million, boosting the total conservation impact to at least $4.5 million. Through NFWF’s efforts, there is the potential for more funding from additional partners.

NFWF has already granted funding to two early action projects. In Londonderry and Dover, NFWF has granted $200,000 for protecting and rebuilding habitat for early successional species, or those animals that thrive in young forests, like the New England cottontail and the American woodcock. Overseen by the Wildlife Management Institute, the funding for this project will go toward restoring roughly 30 acres in both communities, as well as provide educational materials about the project to Londonderry High School and Middle School through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Schoolyard Habitat program.

In addition, the Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc., will use a $180,000 grant toward its Eastern Brook Trout Aquatic Organism Passage project, which will reopen more than 10 miles of fish habitat in Haverhill and create 20 miles of interconnected habitat for the Eastern Brook Trout—a threatened species.


Other partners for these projects include New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, the Town of Londonderry, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Trout Unlimited, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, and the Town of Haverhill.

In the coming two years, NFWF will continue to solicit additional grant applications from other projects around the state. The next round of proposals will be awarded this summer.

As the state’s largest proposed clean energy project, Northern Pass is proud to be part of a partnership that seeks to protect and strengthen our state’s most treasured and unique habitats. We look forward to seeing the results of the important conservation efforts that will be fostered by this partnership.

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