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Energy seized the headlines again last week as the New England governors and Eastern Canadian premiers met in New Hampshire to discuss the most important issue shared by residents on both sides of the border.  It was an obvious topic, with Canada’s plentiful hydropower resources and New England’s increasing need for energy. Our energy predicament is serious and continues to gain national attention; but, there was a glimmer of hope from the conference – both the New England Governors and the Eastern Canadian Premiers agreed that hydropower will likely be part of New England’s energy future.

Elsewhere in New England, however, opposition continues to many viable options whether it’s hydro, natural gas, wind projects or policy initiatives that would promote energy development. Even a heralded plan for a new North Country LNG plant appears to be off the table.  Clearly, there is still much work to be done to bring New England closer to a cleaner, more secure energy future.

Public input and scrutiny of energy projects are essential elements of the public permitting processes and the harsh reality is that time is not on New England’s side.  Another potentially cold and expensive winter will soon be here, poised again to challenge the region.  Chances are New England’s energy problems will still be a topic of discussion when the governors and premiers meet again next year.

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