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Whether relaxing on a hot day by the pool or seeking relief in the comfort of an air-conditioned home, it’s easy to forget how important electricity is to our daily lives. Yet when the price of that electricity rises, the added cost can have a noticeable effect on our economy.

Homeowners saddled with higher electricity bills have less money to spend on other things, and businesseTop 10 Energy Prices.NoTexts both large and small will delay purchases and new hires if they are forced to spend more to keep the lights on. This is an issue of great importance to New Hampshire, since our state has some of the highest energy costs in the nation.

We again saw this week a call for action to solve this crisis as the New England governors prepare to meet with the Eastern Canadian premiers. Canadian hydropower continues to garner interest as a way to provide a base load supply of energy to compliment new sources of clean energy, like wind and solar, as well as serve as an alternative energy source to natural gas, on which New England is largely dependent. Debate also continues in Massachusetts on a clean energy bill and the natural gas pipeline companies discussing potential pipeline expansion.

No matter the energy source, there is a growing consensus that adding more energy will lead to lower energy costs for everyone. When residents and business owners spend less on energy, that’s more money they can put back into the economy and spend on other things.

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