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One of the many advantages of our proposed project is the use of existing electric transmission and public rights of way to locate the transmission lines that will bring clean hydroelectric power to New Hampshire and New England.  More than 80 percent of the project will be located in these rights of way where power lines and public infrastructure exist today.

In addition, we have purchased or leased from willing property owners the land necessary to complete the project’s route in the North Country.

That’s important to keep in mind as some project opponents raise the false specter of eminent domain.

To be clear, the proposed route is well-established and does not in any way depend on any use of eminent domain.

It is respectful of private property rights – and has been developed predicated on New Hampshire law, which does not allow the use of eminent domain for projects like Northern Pass.

As the region collectively seeks answers to our serious energy supply challenges, Northern Pass remains a viable part of the solution that does not need to employ eminent domain.

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