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“Think Globally.  Act Locally.”  This phrase worked its way into the American vernacular on bumper stickers in the 1990s, encouraging people to be aware of how their actions, however small, affect the world around them.


The above graph shows the top five countries that get their electricity from renewable sources, as a percentage of their total electricity generation, compared with the U.S. Source:

Locally, New England is feeling the ripple effects of an energy transformation.  The discussion about how and from where the region should seek new sources of power is generating debate.  Wind?  Solar?  Natural gas?  Globally, many similar discussions are taking place.

Growing demand in Asia is being challenged by a lack of energy supply and infrastructure.  The European Union, much like the U.S., is trying to meet ambitious carbon reductions while giving member countries flexibility in attaining that goal.

Germany presents a particularly interesting model as it touts its renewable energy projects as tourist destinations while it also contemplates the use of ‘fracking’ to extract gas and oil reserves.

There appears to be no single place that offers an energy utopia, and efforts continue at an intense pace to reform the way we get, use, and view energy sources and consumption, both globally and locally.

The end of the coal era in Massachusetts
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World Gets 22% of Electricity From Renewable Energy
(Wall Street Journal)

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