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Is our region in the midst of an energy crisis?  The headlines tell the story.  All of New England relies on a single power grid (including New Hampshire) for a reliable and economic electricity supply.  This grid is challenged and we are literally paying the price for the lack of diversity in the region’s energy sources.

natural gas prices

This graphic from the Energy Information Administration shows the dramatic increase in the market price of natural gas this winter. This price is a leading driver of the wholesale, and eventually retail, price of energy. Source:

“Independent Power Supplier Customers Get Sticker Shock”

“Natural Gas Bills Almost Double”

“Carnage on the Natural Gas Market”

“New England’s Energy Crisis and the Case Against ‘One-Of-The-Above’ Energy Policies”

Business owners and now homeowners are beginning to feel the economic impacts of our energy supply challenges.  Unfortunately, not everyone can agree on the best solutions to these problems.

Some of our elected officials have called for expanding New England’s energy infrastructure, investing in new, cleaner forms of energy, and bringing the region’s volatile energy prices under control.  Given our energy outlook, you would think we’d be forging ahead toward solutions. But what we see instead are attempts to slow down – or stop entirely – energy projects of all kinds in Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

All of New England shares one energy grid. Future energy development, regardless of which state it’s in, will affect energy supply and prices for all of us. As New Hampshire and the rest of New England develop their energy policies in the coming year, all energy options should be on the table.

Frigid U.S. Weather Means Highest Power Prices Since ’08

“Independent Power Supplier Customers Get Sticker Shock”

“Natural Gas Bills Almost Double”
(New Hampshire Union Leader)

“Carnage on the Natural Gas Market”
(Bloomberg Business Week)

New England’s Energy Crisis And The Case Against ‘One-Of-The-Above’ Energy Policies

Cold snap prompts wave of energy bills

Vermont loves renewable energy, except when it arrives
(Associated Press)

Cornwall and Shoreham voters oppose natural gas pipeline extension
(VT Digger)

Environmentalists gearing up to oppose Tennessee Gas Pipeline plan
(Berkshire Eagle)

My Turn: Energy project bill is unfair to landowners
(Concord Monitor)

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