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We’ve spoken with people all across New Hampshire this year about Northern Pass and the benefits this project will bring to the state. From Pittsburg to Deerfield, supporters have filmed video testimonials, written letters to the editor, opinion editorials, and some took informational materials to give to friends and family to help them better understand the project.

As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to highlight the efforts of these supporters and thank them again for helping spread the word about the clean energy, tax revenue and jobs Northern Pass will bring. In case you missed it, here is a sampling of the videos and letters real New Hampshire residents contributed to our outreach effort.

“What’s more, the Northern Pass is privately funded—no tax dollars involved at a time when the country needs more power, it has financial challenges, but it also needs to reduce its dependence on dirty, climate-changing fossil fuels. Hydro power—from moving water—generates the power that New England needs without consuming fossil fuels. Cheaper, cleaner energy.”

Howard Webber, “Everyone Needs Power Northern Pass Will Provide,” Berlin Daily Sun

“I am 25 and many of my friends are leaving the North Country to find jobs elsewhere. I started my own business, JCS Trucking, and am employing people today. Northern Pass would likely bring enough work to my company that I could hire others in Coos County.”

Jamie Swallow, “New Business Owner Supports Northern Pass,” Berlin Daily Sun

“This is clean energy coming down from Canada it’s available to us. We got to look down to the future for our children to make sure that they have a future and they can enjoy their lives too.”

Scott Lamont, vice president of T&D at Harlan Electric, Northern Pass testimonial video

“If you told me there was a proposal out there that would reduce New Hampshire’s smog emissions by roughly 1 million cars, while providing over 1,000 new jobs locally and lowering electric rates through a brand-new renewable energy supply, I would ask where to sign up. Those are three of the very compelling reasons why the Northern Pass plan needs to be approved.”

David Heath, “NH and the Region Need Northern Pass,” NH Business Review

“Mother Earth is very good to us and if we can be good to her and not do too much damage, then that’s a good thing.  I think this hydroelectric is a pretty good combination of getting what we need without making too much trouble for the earth.”

Missy Perron, Deerfield, NH, Northern Pass testimonial video

“It’s rare that a win-win like this shows up and we need to take advantage of it.”

Ken Rhodes, former nuclear engineer, Northern Pass testimonial video

“In terms of the economy it’s a pretty significant impact…You’ve got areas where people have stores and restaurants and hotels that are generally pretty quiet especially when it’s off-season months. When you put 100 people on in that area and then find a place to stay in and they have to eat and they have to buy their gas and, you know, it provides a pretty significant boost to the local economy.”

Jason Lauze, Northern Pass testimonial video

“There’s a chance here, opportunity to train young New Hampshire workers that want to get into an excellent field that, again, the work might not always be in New Hampshire but being a journeyman lineman, working on power lines, there’s work everywhere.”

Tiler Eaton, IBEW, Northern Pass testimonial video

“We’re now turning into a new economy and this here certainly is going to help out townships that are struggling to survive to maintain services and support all of their projects on their own.”

Bob Rodrigue, Northern Pass testimonial video

“I was on the fence when I came down, but after talking to representatives, I feel I’m leaning more towards it … It is green power and that’s good for everybody.”

Kevin Auger, Franklin, NH, Northern Pass testimonial video

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