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We recently hosted open houses throughout the North Country, answering questions and talking to residents and landowners about the benefits of the project. Next week, we take our open houses further south with an event at the Holiday Inn in Concord.

Through these discussions we’ve learned there are many people who support Northern Pass or are at least seeking further information in order to inform their opinions. We hope to continue these discussions and are pleased to see more people speaking out about the benefits of Northern Pass.

We noticed recently that a number of local leaders and citizens have sent letters to the editors of New Hampshire newspapers discussing the project’s many upsides. The need for jobs is a top issue for New Hampshire residents. A major theme in these letters is that the 1,200 jobs created during construction are much needed, as well as the many long-term jobs the recently announced $7.5 million North Country Jobs Creation Fund will create in years to come.

Others wrote about the increased tax revenue, not just for cities and towns, but at the county and state level, as well. There were also letters about the need for more clean, renewable energy projects like Northern Pass. We wanted to share with you what people in your community are saying about Northern Pass, and have included some highlights below.

Temporary Construction Jobs Can Turn Into a Career, by Norman Brooks, Colebrook

“It’s truly a bonus when you can build something that creates jobs and helps the environment. … We need a source of low-cost power to bring manufacturing back to our state. The Northern Pass will help do just that.”

North Country Needs Jobs, by Donald Dostie, Colebrook

“Last week I went to a meeting with about 40 other local businesspeople from Colebrook, Pittsburg, Stewartstown, Clarksville and other area towns with officials from Northern Pass. There was a lot of information shared. We asked questions about the project and local jobs. There were questions asked that they didn’t have answers to, and Northern Pass committed to getting back to us with information. It was a calm, informative discussion.
Contrary to what we have been told about Northern Pass, I found the people representing Northern Pass to be honest, factual and forthcoming with information. I look forward to this discussion continuing and getting more information about the project.”

Project Could Ease Strain on Coos County Taxpayers, by Paul Grenier, Berlin

“The estimated Northern Pass annual tax payment is approximately equal to the cost of all county workers’ salaries in the sheriff’s department, register of deeds and corrections department combined. It would cover roughly half the annual cost of salaries for all nurses at the West Stewartstown nursing home.
Debates about the future of the county farm, county jobs and other services become less challenging with economic growth and an expanding tax base. Most important, an expanding tax base reduces the financial pressure on existing taxpayers.”

We Don’t Need ‘None of the Above’ Energy Policy, by Landon L. Placey, West Stewartstown

“Whether the Northern Pass gets approved will be determined through open debate – and I look forward to that debate. But at a time when we need good jobs and a long-term energy solution, I really hope that we build Northern Pass and get New Hampshire back to work.”

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