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Representatives from the Northern Pass project continue to meet with residents and landowners in towns along the proposed route this week at open house events in Pittsburg and Groveton.

Northern Pass will host an open house tonight in Pittsburg in the Community Hall at the United Methodist Church on Route 3. Residents and landowners are free to stop by anytime between 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to speak one-on-one with project representatives. Tomorrow evening, residents of Groveton and Northumberland are invited to another open house in Carter Hall at the United Methodist Church, located on Church Street. This will also be between 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., and guests are free to stop by at any time during the event.

In recent weeks, Northern Pass has hosted a number of open houses in the North Country to speak with people about their concerns, answer questions and inform them of the benefits this project will have for the region. The open houses this week will be similar. You’ll find fact sheets, maps, interactive displays and other information about the project. Guests can move freely from station to station and will be able to speak with Northern Pass representatives personally in a casual and informal environment.

We hope to answer your questions about the project route, job opportunities, structure height, tax revenue, underground lines and other issues. If you want more information about this week’s open houses, watch this video walk through of our first event in Millsfield.

In Pittsburg, the proposed route runs through the southern tip of town for about 2 miles overhead. A short portion is proposed to be underground near the Route 3 crossing at the border with Clarksville. In Groveton and Northumberland, the route runs 6 miles above ground along an existing right-of-way currently being used as a utility corridor.

Northern Pass is projected to bring a number of benefits to these areas, starting with additional tax revenue. Our planned investment and resulting increase in the local tax base could generate as much as $192,468 annually in local property tax payments for Pittsburg and as much as $583,734 annually for Northumberland. In addition, Northern Pass’ investment would provide much needed revenue to Coös County, estimated at $1.5 million annually, and to the state, estimated at $7.8 million annually, to help support important services such as funding for education.

In all, Northern Pass is projected to bring an additional $28 million annually in tax revenue to the state and to reduce energy costs in New Hampshire by $20-$35 million each year, saving residents, landowners and business owners money.

Groveton, as well as the rest of the North Country, have faced tough economic times in recent years, which has made creating jobs a major issue. Northern Pass is expected to create 1,200 jobs during construction and is dedicated to using New Hampshire workers first whenever possible. This $1.4 billion construction project is also expected to boost the economy beyond the construction jobs it will create – it will help retailers, restaurant owners and local vendors, as well. Estimates show Northern Pass could inject $259 million to $316 million into the New Hampshire economy during development and construction of the project.

Northern Pass has made a commitment to the North Country during the construction phase and beyond. On Monday, we announced a $7.5 million jobs creation fund (link) that will give much-needed resources directly to businesses and communities with the sole purpose of creating jobs for the people who live in the North Country.

The Northern Pass project is an investment in our energy future, bringing 1,200 megawatts of clean, renewable energy into New Hampshire for generations to come, but it is also an investment in the future of the North Country, it’s people and their communities.

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