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Detailed maps for the new proposed Northern Pass route are now available on our website. The maps present an aerial view, in approximately one-mile sections, of the entire route. Links to the maps can be found by going to the “In My Town” section of our website and clicking on the individual town pages. Look for the detailed project information by clicking the hyperlink map that is closest to your home.

These new maps offer great detail for landowners interested in learning more about the proposed design of the route and how it relates to their individual property, including:

  • The location of the proposed route
  • Structure locations and heights, including proposed locations for any existing lines that might need to be rebuilt
  • A “cross section,” which shows what the typical line design will look like within the right-of-way
  • The location of the edges of the transmission right-of-way and property boundaries
  • The location of wetlands

Please note: structure heights and locations displayed on the detailed maps are subject to change based on the final design of the process and input received from our community and landowner outreach efforts.

Project representatives, including engineers, will be available to review these maps with landowners at our upcoming open house meetings and to collect their feedback and input on our proposed design. Representatives are also available to visit with landowners at their property to discuss the details of our proposal and answer questions.

Each map includes a guide on the various symbols and graphics it contains. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 1-800-286-7305.

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