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The project recently received a comment from a person who believed that the recent conserving of some land surrounding The Balsams resort had been earlier threatened by The Northern Pass. That is not the case, and we provided a response, which we share below.

Thank you for contacting us with your concerns regarding conservation of The Balsams property.  There is a good deal of misinformation that has been disseminated online and in the press regarding Northern Pass and its efforts to acquire an easement over a small portion of The Balsams property.

Contrary to that misinformation, Northern Pass fully supported conservation of the approximately 5800 acres of Balsams property that was ultimately placed under a conservation easement, and believes that the roughly 55 acre utility easement that it sought to purchase was entirely consistent with the conservation effort.  Northern Pass’ offer totaled $2,200,000 which included $2,000,000 that could have been used by Tillotson Corporation to promote its North Country conservation and economic development mission, and an additional $200,000 contribution to Tillotson Corporation that would have been used to improve the delivery of medical care to Coos County residents.  These funds would have been in addition to the $850,000 that the SPNHF paid to Tillotson for the conservation easement.

We will never know how many thousands of acres could have been conserved, or how many hundreds or thousands of people would have received health care or improved health care, had Tillotson Corporation chosen not to reject the benefits that accepting Northern Pass’ offer would have delivered.  Had Tillotson chosen to accept the offer by Northern Pass, the approximately 5800 acres would still have been conserved as it is today, but the North Country would also have received a substantial infusion of funds that would have had a much broader positive impact on the lives of people in the North Country.

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