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The New England Power Generator’s Association today claimed that Northern Pass has overestimated the number of jobs that will be created as part of the project.

It is not surprising that the NEPGA opposes Northern Pass, since the cleaner and more economic energy it provides into the regional power pool may displace some of their own.

This is the same group of multinational corporations that last spring tried to argue that the savings Northern Pass will deliver isn’t enough.

To argue the project on the basis of jobs is surprising, though.

Just look no further than the neighboring state of Maine.

An ongoing transmission project there is employing more than 2,000 people on construction. Reports indicate that 268 companies from Maine have been hired, representing almost every county in Maine.

That’s a real life example of the positive impact Northern Pass will have here … and yet the power generators study did not even take a look at that project.

Here in New Hampshire, we’ve already heard from more than 550 individuals, who are seeking information about Northern Pass job opportunities. Their experience includes heavy equipment operation; general construction; welding; real estate; trucking; fiber optic splicing; concrete; and, administration.

We expect to be working with project partners here in New Hampshire on a future job fair.

A similar event was held in Maine and was very successful in attracting local workers who are now participating in the project.

Here’s a list of the job opportunities we anticipate being available when the Northern Pass construction project begins.


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