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Some concern has been expressed regarding the potential impact of the project on neighboring properties.
The Sunday Monitor (Concord, NH) on July 24 published an article focused on this issue.
Included is a reference to this Preliminary Study, which is an examination of sales of property in Deerfield and Littleton, NH that are along existing transmission lines.

From the Preliminary Study:

“…Based on the preliminary analysis contained herein, there is no market evidence in either Deerfield or Littleton that would indicate diminution of property value due to high voltage transmission lines…”

The preliminary study results are similar to what previous studies have found, as revealed in a recent review:

“…The majority of the literature reviewed — covering 50 or more studies conducted over several decades in a variety of settings by several dozen researchers using a variety of techniques– finds that High Voltage Transmission Lines (HVTLs) have a modest or no measurable impact on property values. Many of the studies find no impact and those that do find an impact generally find that the impact is under 10% and that it diminishes quickly as distance from the transmission corridor increases…”

Perhaps the entire issue is best summed up in this passage from the review of studies:

“…The concern of potentially impacted landowners is understandable. Few would be indifferent to
the introduction of an adjacent HVTL. But the question posed in the research is not whether
people are indifferent to HVTLs, but rather—does the impact rise to the level of having a
consistent, major, measurable impact on property values? The majority of the research
examined in this literature review indicates it does not…”


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