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The New Hampshire Union Leader today reports on an analysis by the Town of Deerfield of the potential impact of The Northern Pass on property values and tax revenue.

“An analysis on the local impact of the proposed Northern Pass project says it will cause fewer negative effects than feared…”

Union Leader July 6, 2011

Under the project as proposed, Deerfield would be the spot at which the hydro electric energy transmitted on The Northern Pass would enter the regional power pool, or grid.

New Hampshire, and all other New England states, draw energy from the regional power pool.

Energy costs for New Hampshire, as well as other New England states, will be lowered, as a result of the more economic hydro electric energy displacing more expensive energy that is produced from fossil fuels such as gas, oil, or coal.

A study by Charles River Associates estimates a reduction of wholesale energy costs in New England of $206 – $327 million annually as a result of The Northern Pass. In New Hampshire, the annual reduction in wholesale energy costs is expected to range from $23 – $36 million.

(To view the CRA study, access the project Transmission Service Agreement filing and navigate to page 651 of the .pdf.)


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