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The project this week filed with the U.S. Forest Service a required application outlining our proposed use of an existing transmission corridor within the White Mountain National Forest.

The existing corridor within the WMNF was developed more than 60 years ago in order to supply electricity to areas north of the forest. It includes an area of about six miles in length, pursuant to an existing Special Use Permit; as well as about four miles of existing private easements.

While the filing outlines a preliminary design for the inclusion of The Northern Pass transmission line, it acknowledges that the process is dynamic, and modifications may indeed occur as the permitting process evolves:

“…nothing about this design or Proposed Use should be viewed as final. Northern Pass anticipates that the Project’s design may change through the National Environmental Policy Act process that will allow a robust dialogue among the USFS, DOE, stakeholders, other interested persons and Northern Pass…”

NPT SUP Application

The filing notes, for example, that the project can likely be located within the existing 150 wide transmission corridor, but that structure heights can be reduced if the corridor were widened or if the “span length” between structures were reduced (i.e. reduced height but more structures).

Going forward, we expect to work closely with the Forest Service and other interested parties to minimize impacts to the White Mountain National Forest.

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