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One of the significant benefits of The Northern Pass is the diversity it will bring to the regional energy mix. Natural gas is currently the source of almost one-half of all the electricity consumed in the New England region.

The current supply, and price, of natural gas (high … and low …) has caused ripple effects in many quarters. For example, it is part of the reason New Hampshire’s existing biomass facilities are struggling to compete in the marketplace.

The New York Times on Sunday published the latest in a series of reports, titled “Drilling Down,” on the recent boom in natural gas drilling, and its implications.

Questions about “fracking,” a relative new technique to extract natural gas from shale, have led to debate and some new laws.

The import of 1,200 megawatts of hydro electric energy into the New England energy pool will mean that a like amount of higher-priced fossil-fuel generation will be displaced. Our view is that this increased diversity is healthy for our region.



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