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Julia Frayer

At yesterday’s Senate hearing on HB 648, Julia Frayer, managing director of London Economics International, was among those testifying against the bill, which seeks to amend the state’s long-standing eminent domain law. In a related statement, Frayer outlined five reasons why Northern Pass deserves serious consideration. She concluded:

…Northern Pass will improve the reliability of electricity service in New Hampshire and New England by increasing and diversifying the supply of power to the region. The Northern Pass transmission project—coupled with energy sourced from many of Hydro Québec’s storage reservoirs—will be a very controllable and reliable form of supply, in contrast to the typical run of river hydroelectric plant.

In summary, Northern Pass fits well within New Hampshire’s energy policy framework. It meets a number of fundamental objectives, including the need to transition to lower-carbon renewable energy, minimize government market intervention, contain costs for consumers, and make viable and reasonable long-term plans for the state’s energy future.

There are clear and substantive benefits for New Hampshire residents if Northern Pass moves forward. The cost-benefit proposition is very compelling, confirming the need for this project from the New Hampshire consumers’ and policy makers’ perspective.

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