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Today we filed with the U.S. Department of Energy our response to an earlier call by the Boston-based Conservation Law Foundation to halt the current project permitting process.

The CLF has asked the DOE to instead produce a single, broad Environmental Impact Statement that considers  a number of projects around the region Рincluding actual, proposed or simply contemplated.

We believe that the CLF Motion is simply an attempt to delay the comprehensive review process that is now taking place, and we have asked the DOE to deny the request.

“…The CLF Motion is without legal support. It appears instead to be nothing more than an attempt to delay consideration of the Northern Pass application for a Presidential Permit, a permit that would enable the delivery of clean, low carbon power to New Hampshire and to New England as a whole and that would likely hasten the shutdown of aging, more expensive sources of fossil-fuel generated power. The Motion also seems designed to postpone the day when this job-creating, economic development-enhancing project can begin delivering on the promise it represents for New Hampshire…”

Our view is that the existing approval process for The Northern Pass requires substantial review, at both the federal and state level, and is set up to fully consider the public interest. The attempt by CLF to change that in midstream threatens to delay, by years, the job creation, tax relief, and emission reductions that The Northern Pass offers.

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