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It is noted that today Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congressman Charlie Bass submitted a letter to the Department of Energy that expresses their concern with The Northern Pass project as it is currently proposed.

We appreciate the comments offered by Senator Ayotte and Congressman Bass, and we look forward to continuing to work with them to address their concerns with the initial proposal as this project moves forward. We are in the very early stages of a rigorous, comprehensive, and multi-year review process, and we expect there will be both challenges and changes along the way. The Northern Pass project team remains committed to working collaboratively to address these issues for the good of all of New Hampshire.

Toward that end, it is our hope that the substantial economic benefits of this project for New Hampshire in the form of good paying construction jobs, $25 million in new annual tax revenue, and competitive and clean energy for NH are not overlooked. Many of the communities who stand to benefit from this project, like the City of Franklin, are struggling to provide basic services to their residents, including keeping their schools open and adequately staffed, and providing sufficient public safety resources. The unique opportunities that The Northern Pass project will provide should not be lost as all factors are considered.

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