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The scoping meetings were very well attended and we heard many good suggestions to the DOE regarding areas to study, and alternatives or mitigation factors to consider, including the suggestion that the project not go forward at all.

Now it’s time for the department staff to do its work, to respond to the issues that were raised and to determine what specific factors and alternatives ought to be studied.

We heard and appreciate all the opinions voiced during the meetings, including those who oppose the project.

For our part, we continue to believe The Northern Pass offers tremendous benefit to New Hampshire and New England as a significant source of clean, low-cost energy.

While the DOE goes to work in earnest, we, too, will reflect on the many important comments offered.

It is certainly possible that the project may ultimately change, from that which was initially proposed, as a result of the suggestions and concerns raised. We remain committed to working toward a solution that earns the favor of the people of New Hampshire.

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