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Northern Pass team members continue to meet with property owners to discuss and gain access for necessary data collection along the project’s proposed preferred route.  Following up on our post last week, here’s some additional information about the process:

First, a sample of our “Information for Landowners” fact sheet. Of special interest is the section of this handout called Data Collection & The Real Estate Process, which describes exactly what a landowner can expect, step by step. Project team representatives provide this fact sheet as part of an informational packet when meeting with individual landowners.

Also check out the Soil Boring Information handout that describes the process for collecting soil data, which will occur only on those properties where structure locations are proposed.

And keep in mind, as we mentioned last week, granting access to The Northern Pass project team for this data collection in no way diminishes any existing landowner rights. It simply allows for access to the property for the data collection.

Who is collecting this data?

Learn more about the scientists who are engaged in this data collection effort in another of our posts: Field Data Collection Underway.

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